• Bonding A lightweight basecoat plaster for use over low suction backgrounds. Bag sizes 25Kg, 12Kg Tel: 042 9332301
  •   Gyproc Bonding Compound   A general purpose based adhesive for use in Gyproc Dri-Wall systems. 25kg bag
  • Gyproc Corner Tape For external angle reinforcement. 30 metre rolls
  • Gyproc Joint Filler   For hand jointing on tapered edge wallboard - filler material. 25kg bag
  • Gyproc Joint Tape For joint reinforcement by hand or using Gyproc Speed tape machines. 150 metre rolls
  • Gyproc Promix Finish   Hand jointing material, combined filler and finisher - can also be used for mechanical jointing using Gyproc speed tape machines 12ltr
  • Plaster Board Slabs   The standard board product with ivory face paper, suitable for most applications where normal fire, structural and acoustic performance levels are specified. Available in 2.4mtr x 1.2 mtr sheets and 1.2mtr x 0.6mtr sheets. (1/2") Also available in foilbacked boards, fire boards and moisture resistant boards. (All available
  • Skimcoat A versatile final coat plaster for a wide range of backgrounds - undercoat plasters, Gyproc plasterboards and sand and cement. Bag sizes- 25Kg, 12.5Kg
  • Febond Blue Grit is a high performance, plasterers grip coat bonding agent specifically designed to provide an improved key to smooth surfaces. Containing a fine aggregate, it provides a mechanical key to backgrounds such as plaster, concrete, painted surfaces, textured surfaces and ceramic tiles. One coat application, coloured blue to indicate coverage.
  • Scrim Cloth Tape is available in: 2" inch 3" inch 4" inch  
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