Pest Control

  • Plug in pest control for home. It combines swept ultrasound and electromagnetic action. EMC pulses through wiring to reach nest sites within walls, ceilings and wall cavities. Inaudible to humans, cats and dogs. Test button and halo-red LED indicator  
  • All weather block baits which is useful for mice and rats. -Moisture resistant blocks -Bait stays fresh in damp or wet weather -Fits all bait stations -Indoor and outdoor use
  • -Moisture-resistant high palatability bait blocks -Bait stays fresh in damp or wet weather -Universal - fits all bait stations indoor and outdoor use -Must be used within a tamper-proof bait station -Contains Defenacoum
  • -Fresh pasta bait for maximum bait take -Ideal for kitchen and food prep areas -Supplied with bait trays and gloves for safer handling -Contains Bromadiolone
    • Fresh sachet for maximum bait take
    • Ideal for kitchen and food prep areas where there are competing food sources that may otherwise result in reduced bait take
    • Each pack contains gloves
    • Must be used within a tamper-proof bait station
    • Contains Difenacoum
  • One quick click to set, simply squeeze to dispose of catch/trap clicks open for easy disposal. Baited and ready to use twin pack.
  • -Tamper resistant bait station and lockable lid (bait not included) -Helps protect children and Pets from contact with the bait. -Easy setup and durable design constructed for use indoors and out. -Note: The use of bait stations is a legal requirement when baiting rats.
  • Ready to use rat cage trap that is easy to use and bait informative pack design with comprehensive instructions Long lasting galvanised mesh design with solid top and carrier handle for easy handling
  • -Galvanised steel design traps 10 or more mice in one setting -Self-setting mechanism suitable for use in domestic commercial sites -Clear view flip top lid for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Plug in pest control for home protection using ultrasonic waves Protects 400 square feet (37m²) and is safe for use around cats and dogs Maintenance-free low-cost operation Test button halo-red LED for easy checking
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