Alutec Evolve Half Round Aluminium Guttering

Alutec Evolve Half Round Aluminium Guttering

Specifically developed to meet the demands of both the building owner & installer. Evolve Half Round aluminium guttering system combines all the benefits of marine grade aluminium guttering with installation which is as fast and easy as PVC gutters.

• 123 x 51mm Half Round guttering system

• Ideal for small to medium properties

• Life expectancy of 50 years or more

• Marine grade aluminium throughout. Highly corrosion resistant, it will never rust or need repainting

• Flow rate of up to 1.8 l/s and 87m2 per downpipe

• 24 standard colours and hundreds more available on request

• Available at a lower price in the popular Heritage Black finish, which accurately replicates the appearance of cast iron

• Compatible with 63mm circular downpipe systems

Gutter Available:

Evolve Half Round Gutter Length 3 Metres

Evolve Half Round Union

Evolve Half Round Fascia Bracket

Evolve Half Round Angle 90 Degree

Evolve Half Round Angle 135 Degree

Evolve Half Round Running Outlet

Evolve Half Round Stop End

Evolve Half Round Rafter Arm

Evolve Rise &  Fall Bracket

Aluminium Leafguard