Double sided stoves are ideal for fitting in central chimney stacks where each side of the hearth is visible. Some people have the chimney stack in an open plan room whilst others have the hearth in two separate rooms with the stove visible from both sides. Hunter double sided stoves are all cleanburning and have airwash to help keep the glass free from deposits. Hunter stoves are relatively traditional looking, but can come with plain doors and single doors. This single plain door option costs no extra and makes the stove look more modern and simple. Hunter make single and double depth, double sided stoves in a choice of sizes and as either woodburning or multifuel versions. The Hunter Herald double sided, double depth stoves are double the depth of the one sided Herald stoves. This means that they have a higher heat output as you can put a lot more fuel into them than into the single depth stoves. The double depth multifuel stoves have a riddling grate fitted.