Vokera Evolve Gas Fired Boiler

Vokera Evolve Gas Fired Boiler

We’ve taken everything we have ever learned about design, performance and servicing and combined all that knowledge into one superior, cutting-edge boiler range. The evolve family comprises of both combi and system boilers, with a variety of outputs to suit every home’s requirements. A feature rich, state-of-the-art boiler range that will enrich the lives of homeowners and engineers alike by providing warmth, comfort, efficiency and long-term performance, coupled with ease of installation. It all adds up to our best boiler range to date.

COMBI & SYSTEM | 9 MODELS | 18 – 42kW



evolve – fully loaded with cutting edge features and real-world benefits…

94% ErP space heating efficiency

The evolve is not just good to look at, it’s also highly efficient. The entire range is not only ‘A rated’, all models have a space heating efficiency of 94% under the ErP Directive. Making it less complicated to reach an A+ space heating system package.

77% SAP 2009 hot water efficiency

Hot water production is also highly efficient, the evolve combi boilers have a ‘comparative hot water efficiency’ of 77% under SAP, making them a particularly attractive option for new build projects.

A+ ultra efficient space heating with BeSMART

So the evolve is efficient out of the box. Add a Vokèra BeSMART (Internet connected thermostat) and the system will become an A+ heating package under ErP. Thanks to the OpenTherm protocol embedded into the evolve, the BeSMART will act as a Class VI control adding 4% to the heating system efficiency. All plug and play too!

Reduced emissions with ACC Combustion

ACC (Active Combustion Control), uses the burner electrode ionisation current to change the air/gas mixture of the evolve. The quality of the gas affects the ionisation signal and by adjusting the air/gas mix in order to maintain a specific ionisation value; the evolve will use less gas when the quality is good. Thus optimising gas consumption and reducing emissions for the same performance.

Easy installation includes time clock

The evolve is easy to install, why? Well for starters a pre-fixing jig is supplied as standard with a built-in filling loop. The evolve also has many installer friendly features such as an embedded time clock, integral frost protection, concealed service valves and pump kick function.

Text driven menus

At the heart of the evolve is the REC10 liquid crystal display user interface. The full text menu driven control enables both the installer and end user to quickly navigate through evolve’s parameters and settings, including programming the heating on and off times as desired. The REC10 offers full diagnostics too.

Built-in carbon monoxide monitor

Safety is an important consideration with any gas appliance, so the evolvetakes this a step further and features an excess CO monitor. In the unlikely event of excess CO being detected the evolve will shut down and not run until the issue has been resolved.

Cupboard fit*

The evolve looks good, but we understand that not everyone will want to admire its good looks. No problem. Thanks to its compact dimensions* the evolve will fit nicely into a cupboard.

NG/LPG compatible straight out of the box

Working off grid is such a pain; special LPG boiler or the dreaded conversion kit, right? Not with the evolve, it works with both Natural Gas and LPG out of the box!

Rear flue option

So what about flueing? No problem either, the evolve has a direct rear flue option as standard and can run up to 10m with the standard 60/100 concentric flue system.

Condenses in DHW mode

We know the evolve is efficient in hot water mode, actually it’s so efficient it will condense thanks to a next generation plate heat exchanger. It also performs in terms of domestic hot water flow rates. In fact the evolveboasts category leading figures when compared to its competitors.

10 Year Warranty with BeSMART**

The evolve’s credentials are hard to beat, so what about the warranty? Well, try 7 years out of the box, but better still, try 10 years when installed with a Vokèra BeSMART. Peace of mind engineered as standard.

*Applies to 24C, 28C, 18S & 24S – 740(h) x 420(w) x 275(d). **Upgrade the evolve’s warranty from 7 to 10 years when registered with a BeSMART via Vokèra Affinity.

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